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Best Free Online Music Lessons for Kids

Music is a powerful medium that can enhance a child’s cognitive development, creativity, and emotional well-being. Learning to play an instrument or sing can be an exciting and rewarding experience for kids. However, finding affordable and accessible music lessons can be a challenge for many parents. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to access high-quality music lessons without breaking the bank.

Best Free Online Music Lessons for Kids

In this article, we will explore the best free online music lessons for kids, providing a range of options to help your child discover their musical talents.

Brooklyn Music Factory

Brooklyn Music Factory offers lessons and classes both in-person and online! (Have you heard? We have a brand-new home on Carroll St. in Gowanus!) Make and learn music through games, songwriting, and collaboration! Lessons and classes are available for music lovers ages 4-adult.

Hoffman Academy:

Hoffman Academy offers a comprehensive series of free piano lessons for kids. The lessons are well-structured, engaging, and suitable for beginners. The instructor, Joseph Hoffman, has a knack for simplifying complex concepts, making it easy for young learners to follow along. The lessons include interactive videos, downloadable sheet music, and practice materials.

Prodigies Music Lessons:

Prodigies Music Lessons offers a fantastic collection of free video lessons that cover music theory, singing, and playing instruments like the recorder and xylophone. The colorful and animated videos are specifically designed to capture the attention of young children. The lessons are engaging and interactive, making learning music a fun experience.

PBS Kids Music Games:

PBS Kids offers a variety of interactive music games that are both entertaining and educational. These games introduce kids to fundamental musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, and pitch. The games are designed to be played online, providing a hands-on learning experience that allows children to explore music at their own pace.


MusicTheory.net is an excellent resource for older kids who are interested in learning music theory. The website offers a range of free lessons and exercises that cover topics like note reading, intervals, scales, and chords. The interactive exercises provide immediate feedback, ensuring that kids can practice and reinforce their understanding of music theory concepts.

Virtual Musical Instruments:

Virtual Musical Instruments is a website that allows kids to play virtual instruments online. From pianos and guitars to drums and flutes, kids can explore various instruments and learn basic melodies. The interactive interface and realistic sound effects provide an immersive learning experience, sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration.

Chrome Music Lab:

Chrome Music Lab is a collection of interactive music experiments created by Google. Kids can experiment with different elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, and sound waves, through various engaging activities. This platform fosters creativity and allows children to explore music concepts in a hands-on and intuitive way.

YouTube Music Lessons:

YouTube is a treasure trove of free music lessons for kids. Many talented musicians and educators share their knowledge and expertise through video tutorials. Channels like “PianoLessons4Children” and “The Singing Walrus” offer engaging and accessible lessons, covering a wide range of musical instruments and topics.

Classic FM Kids:

Classic FM Kids is an online platform that introduces children to classical music. It provides resources like composer biographies, musical quizzes, and interactive games that make learning about classical music fun and engaging. This platform is an excellent way to expose kids to different styles of music and cultivate an appreciation for classical compositions.

Playground Sessions:

Playground Sessions offers a free trial that includes interactive piano lessons for beginners. The lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, with real-time feedback and progress tracking. This platform is an excellent option for kids who want to learn the piano and develop their skills at their own pace.


Lessonface is an online platform that connects students with music teachers for live one-on-one lessons. While the platform primarily focuses on paid lessons, they also offer a selection of free group classes and workshops. These classes cover a range of instruments and musical styles, providing an opportunity for kids to learn from experienced teachers and interact with other young musicians.


With the help of these best free online music lessons, parents can introduce their children to the wonderful world of music. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument, understanding music theory, or exploring different musical genres, these resources provide a solid foundation for young musicians. Remember, the key to successful learning is consistency and practice. Encourage your child to make music a regular part of their routine, and watch as their passion for music grows. Who knows, you may be nurturing the next musical prodigy!

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