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Home Blog Happy National Cousins Day 2023: History, Facts and Ways To Celebrate

Happy National Cousins Day 2023: History, Facts and Ways To Celebrate

Happy National Cousins Day 2023: History, Facts and Ways To Celebrate

This day celebrates the special bond that cousins have, and it’s an occasion to get together and celebrate the bonds that we share with our family members. History tells us that cousins were once considered close family members, and often lived together in close quarters. Today, cousins still enjoy each other’s company and take part in various activities to celebrate this special day. Here are a few ways to celebrate National Cousins Day.


It’s unclear when National Cousins Day first appeared on the present calendar. What is certain is that cousins have traditionally maintained ties between families.

Since the earliest pioneers left the protection of the colonies and came west in search of fame, money, and—most importantly—land, American families have gotten together for reunions. Cousins took on the role of preserving family relationships as one generation handed the responsibility to the following generation.

Cousins frequently reach out to one another later in life and revisit the common memories of being related, even in families where regular reunions are no longer held. It might not be necessary to set up a certain day on your calendar to keep in touch with your cousins if you grew up as closest friends or if you were like brothers and sisters. Celebrating cousinship requires a bit more work if you come from a small family or one where the wanderlust gene predominate and you’re not quite sure where all your cousins ran off to years ago. It could be necessary to mark National Cousins Day on your calendar each year as a justification for greeting your childhood cousins.

However, seeing a family member again after being made to eat at the kids’ table together is usually an interesting and sentimental reunion. You can see where your life have led you, the families you’ve built, the occupations you’ve pursued, and the changes in your appearance through time.

Learn about National Cousins Day

“Cousins are people that are ready-made pals; you laugh with them and remember pleasant moments from a young age, you fight with them but you always know you love each other, they are a greater thing than brothers and sisters and friends since there are all put together as one,” a person once said.

The creation of National Cousins Day enables us to celebrate the enduring bonds that exist between us and our cousins. Our cousins are sometimes the first friends we make in life. These bonds are formed while we are young and last a lifetime.

You have shared memories through your aunts and uncles and your grandparents, whether you have grown up with your cousin or simply see him or her periodically. At family gatherings, it is always wonderful to catch up with your cousins. They frequently wind up becoming your childhood ally as well, particularly when your siblings are annoying you.

Given their significance, it is crucial that we honor partnerships like this. Use National Cousins Day as a chance to express your appreciation for the special relationship with your cousins.

Ways to Celebrate National Cousins Day

Although the history of National Cousins Day is obscure, cousins play a significant role in every family structure. Every year on July 24, National Cousins Day is observed, and it offers the ideal chance to connect with those in-built pals. Here are eight ways to honor that unique connection.

Give a Social Media Shout Out

If your schedule prevents you from seeing your cousins in person, schedule a Facetime or Zoom video conversation instead. Try playing a game after your online catch-up session—everyone enjoys a good game of family trivia or a virtual scavenger hunt. Look through the photo archives in the closet or basement, or use the Timehop app, to see if you can discover any old pictures of you, your relatives, and yourself when you were younger. Give those particular family members a little love shout-out on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, or other social media platforms by sharing a few old photos (along with some new ones).

Show Your Gratitude By Giving Back

Does a cousin have a cause that they are devoted to? Maybe they volunteer their time for one or two specific causes? By contributing time and/or money to a deserving cause in their name, you can express your gratitude for the friendship.

Have a Cousin Reunion

National Cousins Day is the ideal time to get together with cousins you haven’t seen in a year or more. Consider booking a trip, inviting a sleepover, or setting up camp in your backyard. Have a look at old family photos while you’re gathering and share memories. It’s also a fantastic time to tell the younger generation family tales.

Plan a Date

If a complete reunion isn’t planned this year but you’re fortunate enough to live close to your cousins, set aside a special day to get together. Meet together for lunch, go to the beach for the day, or visit a nearby theme park. Take lots of pictures to capture the fun moments.

Send a Note to Show You Care

Send your cousins a card, a letter, or an email to let them know how much they mean to you. (Young children can draw an image.) It’s probably challenging to express your admiration for them or how much they mean to you when you get together and laugh and share stories. Uninterrupted opportunity is provided by sending a note.

Have a Virtual Visit

If your schedule prevents you from seeing your cousins in person, schedule a Facetime or Zoom video conversation instead. Try playing a game after your online catch-up session—everyone enjoys a good game of family trivia or a virtual scavenger hunt.

Capture the Bond

Set a date to bring all the cousins together for a family portrait session. Capture the affection and connection that make cousins so special by dressing in complementary hues. Poses are wonderful, but also include some candid photos because they really capture the relationships.

Mail a Care Package

Does your cousin adore a certain writer? Are they fond of eating fresh summer peaches? Did you find a lovely dish towel, a figurine, or a toy that your cousin would adore? To show them how much they matter to you, surprise them with a care package.

Interesting Facts About Cousins 

Are you looking for interesting trivia about International Cousins Day? We do have some for you, though. Look at them below:

  • In 25 U.S. states, getting hitched to your cousin is forbidden.
  • On his mother’s side, Elsa Einstein, Albert Einstein’s second wife, was also his first cousin.
  • Children of two brothers who marry two sisters are regarded as double cousins.

Spend time with your cousins to honor National Cousins Day this year. Alternatively, if your cousins are far away from you but you still want to show them that you care, send them gifts! You can almost always get flowers, gift baskets, and delicacies delivered throughout the nation with FTD. Your relatives will appreciate a lovely arrangement, and they may even be so taken with it that they want to learn how to extend the life of flowers so they can keep them for a long time!


Binge-Watch Cousin-Themed Reruns

It’s a fantastic idea to rekindle the odd cousin relationships we used to watch on TV and in movies as children today. Observed the summertime reruns? The majority of old films and numerous sitcoms on TV have been digitized and made available on demand. Some of our preferred cousin-themed songs: Hayley Mills starred in Parent Trap from around 1961, My Cousin Vinny from around 1992 included Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, and Marisa Tomei, and Will Smith starred in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from around 1990 to 1996. 

Host a Digital National Cousins Day Reunion

Go digital if your cousins are on the other side of the country or the world. Plan a live reunion that will be held on a social media platform with communication features, or employ a webinar service.

Send your DNA Off to Be Tested on National Cousins Day

Today is the day to place that cotton swab on your cheek and find out who your true blood relatives are (and are not) if you are even the slightest bit intrigued. You’ll be able to find cousins you didn’t even know you had thanks to DNA testing. Finding out the identities of your long-lost ancestors may be frightening, but hey! National Cousins Day is all about connecting with your cousins.

National Cousins Day Dates

Day Year Date
Sunday 2022 July 24
Monday 2023 July 24
Wednesday 2024 July 24
Thursday 2025 July 24
Friday 2026 July 24


While National Cousins Day is often celebrated with food and fun, there are also a number of ways to honor your cousins and show them how much you care. You can donate to charities that focus on helping families or make a donation to a sibling or parent as a way to show your love. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you spend some time bonding with your cousins this National Cousins.

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