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How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer?

Many people are unaware of how to clean a commercial deep fryer. Thankfully, the process is simple, and you can do it without hiring a professional cleaning expert! A recent study by NFPA showed that 21% of restaurant fires were caused by dirty fryers, meaning if your oil or grease isn’t as hot enough anymore for frying foods (below 350 degrees Fahrenheit), there’s an easy fix: CLEAN YOUR DEEP FRYER!

Dirty fryers may change taste dramatically due to their dirtiness. Moreover, they have been known to damage the longevity of machines because dirty coils take longer than usual, which wastes more energy. Get ready with all supplies needed before starting this process–you’ll want some dish soap & water along with scouring pads.easiest way to clean a commercial deep fryer

What You Will Need to Clean the Deep Commercial Fryer?

When cleaning your commercial deep fryer, it’s essential to have the following supplies on hand.

Nitrile gloves will protect both of your hands from extreme heat, while safety goggles ensure that hot oil and water won’t splash into your eyes when they come in contact with each other.

A vinyl apron should be worn at all times during this process because it protects skin and clothes from any accidental spills or splashes of hot liquid soap.

Additionally, if wearing an apron isn’t enough protection for one area, such as the stomach or backside, then consider investing in some protective clothing made specifically for these areas (comfort is key!).

Finally, scrub brushes remove food debris left behind after frying various dishes – just make sure.

The fryer coil brush is perfect for reaching all the way into your deep pot to make sure it’s nice and clean on the inside. It also helps get those pesky pieces of food out from in-between coils too.

The stockpot will keep you cooking oil at a safe temperature so that when you’re ready to flip some chicken or sautee up some veggies -it’ll be hot enough right away- no waiting needed!

How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer

The interior of the fryer can be easily cleaned by boiling it. On the other hand, the coil needs to be replaced about every six months for optimal performance and taste.

The exterior surface is often just wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge, but if there are any stubborn stains, you may need more heavy-duty cleaners like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which will get things looking brand new in no time!

Why Should You Boil the Deep Fryer?

Years of cooking and grease can make your food taste stale. This is because oil begins to break down over time, leaving it with a scrambled texture that doesn’t have the same flavor as before. To get rid of any gunk in the fryer without wasting oil, you’ll need to boil it for about 30 minutes on medium-high heat until all particles are burned off or boiled out by bubbles popping from below (about 3 – 5 inches).

  • Clean the dryer with a fryer rod to remove food residue from the surface.
  • Remove the excess stored fat with hot water before rinsing off any food residue.
  • Ensure the oil tank is filled 3-4″ before adding fat fryer cleaner. Read instructions on how much liquid should be used based on a specific amount of water.
  • Turn on the machine and set the temperature to medium. Boil for 20 minutes.
  • Let the hot water cool for two hours, then use a deep fryer brush to scrub the interior of your machine. Wash the interior with clean water to avoid mixing oil and water.

Exterior Cleaning

There will be a few oil drops around the machine, especially at peak hours. At a certain point, the oil becomes dirty and sticky. To clean your commercial deep fryer, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Clean the fryer with a special cleaning spray in a thorough manner. We recommend the following nine items to get rid of grease and bacteria in your fryer.
  • Use a synthetic pad to remove the stubborn spots.
  • When you are done wiping the exterior of the deep fryer, let it completely dry before using it.
  • Clean the floor to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants such as germs.

How to Clean the Coil of the Deep Commercial Fryer

The coil is the central part of any deep fryer. It makes oil hot enough to cook food, but sometimes it can trap debris and other liquid materials that make cooking take longer because the heat won’t spread as quickly through all this gunk.

Cleaning a dirty coil takes no extra steps; boiling water in your pan with some dish soap should do the trick! But if you want to clean not just one piece but also what’s inside your apparatus for frying–take out that big metal loop from its place under the top plate by unscrewing bolts (just 2).

Rinse off loose particles left on coils after taking them out, then wash each section thoroughly before wiping dry with a cloth or paper towel wrapped around fingers.

How a Deep Fryer Works

Deep frying is a cooking technique that uses fat or oil to cook food. The process works by submerging the food entirely into the hot, bubbling liquid of your choice, turning any moisture in it instantly steam so you can form crispy crusts on its surface as well as inside each little nook and cranny; where there’s room for doughy goodness!

Benefits of Deep-Frying

A deep fryer has significant importance in a commercial place, as the restaurant needs to cook faster at peak hours. In addition, if they need to cook a large quantity of food at once, they need to have access to an industrial-sized fryer that can accommodate all their demands when cooking up large batches and multiple items. Here are some additional benefits you might not be aware of:

It is easier than using many pots on your stovetop because the oil stays hot, which helps reduce the time spent waiting between batches. For example, French fries take about 2 minutes per batch, so if 3 people are working with a tiny pot, they will need 8 total minutes, whereas if each person had their own larger pot, they would only require 4 or 5 seconds respectively.

Final Words:

You can buy expensive deep fryers, but without proper cleaning, a commercial deep fryer becomes hazardous. To keep it working faster and better, regular maintenance is essential. Cleaning the coil should be done at least once every two weeks to ensure that your oil does not become toxic or stale (or burned).

However, you need to clean the exterior of this appliance daily because fried food will accumulate quickly in such an environment as restaurants use these machines frequently for their business needs.

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