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How To Install A Toilet Flange In New Construction?

The proper installation of a toilet flange is essential for your bathroom. The flange must be installed properly to prevent gas and water from leaking into your living space. In new construction, people are therefore concerned about installing flanges.

To simplify installing a toilet flange, we will look at how to do it in new construction. In this article, we detail two ways of fixing the toilet flange:

  • It is on a concrete floor
  • It is on a tile

Hopefully, this installation process will be helpful for you.How To Install A Toilet Flange In New Construction

How to Install A Toilet Flange on Concrete?

You should be aware that a toilet flange fix is different from a replacement. With such an upgrade, uneven surfaces will no longer pose a problem to you.

The concrete floor of the new building needs to have the toilet flange installed.

First Step:

In order to align the soil stack of the toilet flange with the concrete floor, you must first align the soil stack with the floor. Using a portable hacksaw you can easily cut the stack of soil.

Second Step:

To complete this step, you will need to place the drainpipe adjacent to the toilet flange. Due to the collar fitting inside the floor, the flange closet will rotate easily around the drainpipe. Ensure everything is in order if it doesn’t happen.

Third Step:

Next, remove the closet flange from the drainpipe so that it can be primed with PVC. Primers should be used on the inside and outside of soil pipes, as well as flange closets.

Next, attach the flange to both sides with PVC cement. After that, carefully reinstall the toilet flange on the drainpipe.

In step 4:

The distance between the bowl and the flange should be parallel to the wall. So, you should keep moving the rim until it is parallel to the cement before it is seated, so any movement is forbidden.

Step 5

Once you’ve completed the installation, you will need to make sure the toilet flange is not moving. It is necessary to tighten screws and nuts in order to stop the wheel from moving. The screws should be made of stainless steel to prevent rusting over time.

Sixth step

As you can see, the flange package includes two closet bolts. The flanged collar should be fitted around the balls. Make sure that the threading of the closet bolt points upwards as you do this.

To complete, attach the wax ring to the flange to allow later installation of a toilet. The installation of a toilet flange on the concrete floor has been successful. On the other hand, tile floors require a different installation method.

Information on how to install a toilet flange on a tile can be found in the following section.

How to Install A Toilet Flange on Tile?

The toilet is anchored securely to the tile floor by a toilet flange. The collar must be set up correctly, so this is very important. These simple steps will guide you through the process.

1. The flange should be placed on the tile. Take note of the following things while you do so:

2. The holes in the back wall should be parallel to one another.

3. The two side walls should be parallel to each other.

4. Mark the drilling areas that need to be tightened with the tile floor before drilling. To ensure the flange is firmly in place, you need to drill at least four holes.

5. Using a variable speed drill, create the holes now.

6. When the holes are finished, tighten the screws one by one with a screwdriver.

7. The toilet flange should be set up correctly. First, Make sure all screws are tightened. In that case, you might want to recheck the screwing process.

Final Words

Clean, healthy living spaces are desirable for everyone, right? It is crucial to have a proper toilet in this situation. When it comes to installing a toilet flange so that there are no leaks of water or gas, you must know how to do it properly.

Please consider the steps listed above when making your decisions. A plumber’s help will not be required for the steps since they are straightforward. You can save money by using this method. Let’s try it, shall we?

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