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Madhabkunda Waterfall, Sylhet

Waterfall a sudden, falling or vertical slope of water onto the base of a river, resulting anyplace the point of the river is split by an almost direct area of solid stone overlying soon destroyed tiny song; or by the cutting knife of time; or by the unexpected end of a suspended field, great on the hills of a u-shaped way; or by a fault-line scarp; or by the death of a limited hill.

Madhabkunda Waterfall Location

Greatest of the hill fields in Chittagong, Chittagong hill tract(CHT) and Sylhet have scarps in the west, by rocks and waterfalls. On the easterly face of the Dolajeri state in CHT, there are various famous waterfalls: a pair of the largest leading have died of 60m and 40m. The Chimbuk mountain arises southern of the Sangu River plus resides inside Myanmar. Part of its basic mountains is Lulaing (702m).

Madhabkunda Waterfall Range

Toward a bit of the Lulaingkhal, near Luling range, there is a waterfall of 107m bit. Near Uparampara very southerly, there is another long waterfall, by a bit of 45.75m. Sound southerly states have vast lots of waterfalls of up to 21m drop. There is an original miniature waterfall, about 305 m upstream of the occasion of the Silchhari pool including walls of the Bhuban Formation.

The higher fall moves about 15.25m. Here, the range of the river steepens and erosional features are built, giving the fresh limelight of the river. The Silchhari river is a section of the Karnali River and is located about 8 km away of Kaptai along the Kaptai-Chandraghona street.



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