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National Farmers Day 2023: When, History, Dates and How to Celebrate

National Farmers Day is a day to honor the hard work and dedication of America’s farmers. This day is celebrated annually on October 12th, and it’s a good time to reflect on the contributions that farmers make to our society. From providing food to millions of people every day to creating jobs and supporting local economies, farmers play an essential role in our society. Here are some facts about national farmers’ day that you may not have known.

History Of National Farmers Day

One of the oldest and most important industries in the world is agriculture. In addition to regularly feeding the population that depends on their goods, farmers continue to be one of the largest contributors to economic growth. National Farmers Day, also known as Old Farmer’s Day, was created to honor the labor-intensive efforts farmers make to develop their crops. The choice of October 12 was made because it falls at the conclusion of the customary harvesting season, enabling farmers to take part in celebrations that can go on for the full month. In addition, the Harvest Moon, which occurs in early October every three years and comes just before National Farmer’s Day on the 12th, will be visible.

In reality, there is an Old Farmer’s Day Festival in Loranger, Louisiana, which honors and presents the customs and practices of farming prior to its modernization and technological advancement. Typically, if not around the middle of October, the first frost would hit regions in the northern US, forcing many farmers to harvest their crops ahead of time in order to get ready for the winter. The traditional growing period can now be extended due to technological advancements in farming techniques, increasing production and profit. This is one of the reasons why National Farmer’s Day celebrations in rural areas frequently linger into National Farmer’s Month.

Importance of Farmers

The agriculture industry depends heavily on farmers. It is evident that any state’s agricultural sector would fail without farmers. Food needs are met by agriculture because harvested crops, such as wheat, sugar cane, rice, and many others, can be further processed until they are suitable for shipping.

Without farmers, none of these things would be feasible because they are the only ones who can give the nurturing and care necessary for healthy crop growth and an acceptable harvest. Farmers also plant crops that are used to make garments in addition to food.

What to do on National Farmers Day

Weekly farmer’s markets include the production of numerous local farmers. Consider buying your food there rather than at the grocery store if you have one nearby. Farm-to-table dining is not only healthier and more environmentally friendly, but it also directly benefits farmers because the produce is organic and superior.

Pick-your-own farms are becoming more well-liked and make for wonderful day trips with the family. The best time to visit a pumpkin patch and select your Halloween pumpkins is right now because October is National Farmers’ Month.

Consider beginning a donation for any independent farmers or community farms that you buy frequently and investing in them.

How to Support Your Local Farmer

Supporting your neighborhood farmer is simple! Here are some suggestions:

  • Shop at a farmers’ market for fresh produce. Through farmers’ markets, a lot of small farms sell their products directly to customers. Meet the local farmers who produced your food, find out more about their farming methods, and purchase the freshest meat, eggs, and produce. Check out this directory of farmers’ markets.
  • Visit farms where you can pick your own fruit or vegetables. Everything from berries to vegetables to apples to pumpkins will be provided. Many places have flower farms where you can choose your own. Here is a website with a directory of local farms offering pick-your-own produce.
  • Next year, take into account purchasing a CSA farm share (CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture”). For a truly farm-to-table experience, local farmers will deliver a basket of freshly harvested food to you once a week. Look for a nearby CSA.
  • Be on the lookout for regional small-town events. You’re helping farming communities by attending festivals for persimmons, pawpaws, and garlic.

Would you like to meet some modern farmers? Here are five farmers who grow our food’s stories, inspirations, and small lessons if you love the earth.


Thank a farmer

They are the foundation of the breadbasket and provide food for many other countries as well, as agriculture is frequently a major export. Don’t forget to give a farmer your appreciation today for all they do to keep bread on tables everywhere!

Buy from a local farmer

The finest way to express gratitude to a farmer is with your money. To purchase some fresh, local veggies, eggs, or even grass-fed beef, visit a farmer’s market or sign up for a CSA (community-supported agriculture) in your area.

Start a garden

Or develop into one! One of the most enjoyable and sustainable ways to honor National Farmer’s Day is by growing your own food. Even if planting and raising a small number of tomatoes requires a steep learning curve, the flavor of tomatoes straight from the vine will be well worth the effort.

National Farmers Day Dates

Date Day Year
October 12 Wednesday 2022
October 12 Thursday 2023
October 12 Saturday 2024
October 12 Sunday 2025
October 12 Monday 2026


Farmers are not only known for their land cultivation but also are admired for their hard work, time, and dedication in ensuring that they have the best quality of products that people love to eat. Hence, on National Farmers Day, we salute them for bringing us such delicious and nutritious food. May you all enjoy a happy and prosperous farming season.

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