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Home Entertainment Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 253 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 253 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 253 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 253 Release Date has been announced. The latest installment of the manga series will be released on October 9th. The chapter revolves around a large-scale terrorist attack that takes place in Tokyo, and the Tojo siblings are determined to find out what happened and put an end to it.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 253 Spoilers

Takemichi is distracted by his friend’s loss, and Kakucho strikes him in the face when he sees his friend’s loss. Peh-yan was enraged when Mikey treated Pah-chin badly and ordered him to come down. He’ll face off against Mikey, Smiley, and Angry in a battle.

Against Koko and Inupi, who are already struggling to fight back, Benkei has the upper hand. For fighting him and Benkei, Waka praised them.

Mikey finds fighting three people to be easy; Angry was the only one who survived. Angry begins crying after seeing Peh-yan and Smiley in terrible condition.

Takemichi continues to look preoccupied, and Kikuchi is still irritated. Takemichi is thrown flying by his punch. At the beginning of the film, there is a news report in which Jack states that he has never seen anything so vicious.

Takemichi begins to regret dragging everyone along with him. He gets a vision in which his friends are killed when they are hit by a train after mistakenly touching the railway rails. Takemichi was also blamed for the deaths of Sanzu’s companions in the dream. Takemichi is perplexed by this.

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253 Release Date

On May 17, 2022, Tokyo Revengers 253’s raw scans will be available. Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine will be publishing these. The raws will then be scanned and leaked online from there.

There will be translations after that. These are panel-by-panel text translations, complete page translations, and other types of translations. On the 19th of May 2022, we anticipate the fan-translated English version of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253.

There is no official English release in the chapter by chapter format, as a result of Kodansha’s involvement. The volumes, on the other hand, are in English. That’s a fantastic way to get into the series and fully enjoy it.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253 Spoilers Teases Takemichi’s Another Vision

The next chapter, according to the spoilers, will center on Hanma’s fight with Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Hakkai, and Akkun. Because of their previous battle, the four of them are tired, so Hanma quickly defeats his opponents.

Pehyan, Smiley, and Angry make their move against Mikey after looking at Pah on the ground. Mikey kicks Smiley first, then Angry and Pehyan endure a similar beating at Mikey.

After seeing Mikey beating his former companions to death, Takemichi is broken. Takemichi now shifts his attention to Mikey rather than the ongoing struggle against Kakucho.

The Takemichi rolls off the ground and gets close to the railway tracks, and Kakucho takes advantage of this opportunity to deliver a powerful blow to him. Takemichi sees all of his pals on the tracks, killed by a train, in this vision.

Sanzu seems to be the driver of a train that is used to slaughter the Tokyo Manji gang’s second-generation for good. Takemichi is obviously terrified by the new vision, and he worries if Sanzu will go to such lengths to win the battle. So, we should be able to find out soon.

About Tokyo Revengers

The Tokyo Manji Gang murdered Takemichi Hanagaki’s middle school ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto, according to Takemichi Hanagaki.

Takemichi teleports to 2005, precisely 12 years ago, when he is pushed in front of a train. He chooses to rescue his ex-girlfriend from certain death.

Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252

The Tokyo Revengers’ Chapter 252 has both joyful and tragic occurrences. On the other hand, Kokonoi has joined Inui in his fight against Benkei and Wakasa, despite seeming to have overcome his concerns about Akane.

In contrast, Mikey’s battle with Pah-chin ends in defeat. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 resumes after a Golden Week hiatus. There are fewer conversations and fights that progress quicker than in earlier chapters.

Mikey remains emotionless, despite Pah-chin’s vehement feelings. In the previous chapter, Hanma had challenged Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Hakkai, and Akkun to a fight.

Mikey was on the platform when Pah-chin approached and challenged him to a battle. Kokonoi had a dream about Akane and set out to save Inui in order to let go of the past.

Hanma taunts Mitsuya and Chifuyu, telling them that he expects their entertainment to be better. According to Chapter 252 of Tokyo Revengers, Hanma has already defeated Hakkai and Akkun. Although Hanma appears to be in fine condition, Mitsuya and Chifuyu are obviously wounded and weary.

Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253

Takemichi receives another shock when the Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 depicts Kantou overpowering Toman. Hanma is unstoppable, and Chifuyu and Mitsuya are powerless to stop him. He defeats them and leaves the fight quickly.

Kokonoi and Inui, both of whom were seen comatose on the ground, had been subdued by Wakasa and Benkei. Surprisingly, a yin-yang pattern is created by the way they are positioned on the ground. Following Pah-loss, we see Mikey descend from his perch.

As the Kawata twins and Peh-Yan pursue him, Smiley from Chin’s hits Mikey, who easily ducks. Angry is worried and alarmed when he mercilessly beats up Smiley and Peh-Yan.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253 plot

At this time, the plot of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253 is unknown. We don’t know what the plot of Chapter 252 is, so we’re going to give you a recap of Chapter 251 until it’s released, which is why it hasn’t been published as of the time of writing this article.

Koko worries about Inupi as he fights Wakasa and Benkei, and he reminds him that he is fighting two formidable opponents alone. Shinichiro asks Sano if they wanted them to betray Brahman in return for the Kanto Manji Gang, so Inupi ignores him and punches the two.

He continues by saying that they are members of the First Generation Black Dragon, who have put their faith in Takemichi following the establishment of the Second Generation Tokyo Gang Manji, which was modeled after the First.

Black Dragon is the name of a song by Bon Jovi. Inupiat believes he will never be defeated by Kanto Manji as long as he has this kindred spirit.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253?

Kodansha’s official website, which provides the latest chapters in English, is the only place where you can read Tokyo Revengers on a regular basis. Tokyo Revengers is published by Kodansha in the United States, and the chapters are released after the Japanese originals. While the chapters are regularly updated, a Kodansha subscription is beneficial since you also have access to a variety of other series.


So there you have it. The latest news on Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 253 release date. As we mentioned earlier. It’s still unclear when the chapter will be released but we will keep you updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other posts for more exciting Tokyo Revengers manga news.

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