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How To Vacation In A National Park

 Vacation in a National Park

Are you planning your next vacation, and wondering where to go? wonder no more! In this post, we will provide you with 7 tips for vacationing in a national park or state. From choosing a park or state to visiting, these tips will have you well on your way to an amazing vacation. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or want to explore some of America’s most iconic attractions. Read on for the best tips for your next trip.

Do You Vacation in a National Park?

If you’re a fan of the National Park Service (NPS), then perhaps it’s understandable that you would misspell Vacation in a National Park. Although many people use “vacation” in its place, this isn’t completely correct.

The park is officially named: The Glacier National Park. That may not seem like much on its own, but the NPS considers all this to be very important! According to their website, “Glaciers are spectacular places. The park was established largely because of its scenic and scientific value.

You see, the NPS has rules about how to capitalize royal titles! If you’re ever in doubt as to what capitalization to use when referencing a specific park. Look it up on their official guidelines. They even have an entire page about this.

How do I get their Vacation in a National Park?

If your residence is near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or Minneapolis, Minnesota, your first stop (of course) might be Chicago and then to Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

You can also fly into Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Field. Be sure to check if there are other airports in the area before much further discussion about freeways of travel.

Do you think it’d be cool if all these glaciers were blurred together into one big mass of ice? Then suddenly there’s a big hole in the said glacier, exposing an underground river holding stagnant water from flowing all those years ago via some mysterious energy source that that’s not even a small pond by your side?

Are you ready to be the very first human being ever to stand at the top of “America’s Eighth Wonder?

Well, here I go: it’s Wildcat Canyon Dry Riverbed. You can catch amazing panoramas, admire Powell Butte. Wander around on good old concrete trails undisturbed by self-seeking visitors. 

The first view of the canyon is marred by a noisy and unseemly group of people that managed to the summit before most encountered them (they arrived at 4 AM, according to high heels and cell phones).

There’s only one such “official” trail and it leads for about 60 yards into a much quieter place with no fewer than two viewpoints affording excellent views.

How to Get a Vacation in a National Parks

As much as I’d like to tell you all about what it’s like in Napa or San Francisco and how cool this is really. Where else do you get a national park dedicated to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Well obviously just coming here isn’t enough. You need transportation into and out of the path that leads up there, plus room for your car during the trip itself (and fuel). For those willing a drive they may catch these buses (which run infrequently) at BART or San Francisco International Airport.

There’s also the shitttily-called Bay Area Rapid Transit, but it goes from nowhere to nowhere and doesn’t pass through even 30 miles of wine country routes. 

Roads & Maintenance

The second one is Infrastructure. We have to bear in mind that when we talk about good roads, they can be many routes or just a couple of kilometers route; it depends on how big the town you are talking about is and what it has got to offer as far transportation goes.

Within my cadre [boundaries], I had 2-3 kilometers with very bad road conditions because there was still lots of government land which hasn’t been demarcated and is being blamed for the two-wheelers who want to go down that way.

I would say it’s none of my business, but you are taking away people from [they are a] way of life because “Hey! The government property has stopped them from having access.

which ultimately will lead those people into complaining about everything else, except road conditions in their area – then all ties up too. So when we take care of the infrastructure, everybody is going to benefit.

The third one is on your last point [the road conditions]

– I wasn’t talking about any demarcation, but perhaps if we go back and look at it again: what do you feel happens?

– People are forced out of their lands by no fault of their own because they happen to be near a government property that has been forgotten and isn’t accounted for as far as “Who owns this?” But now that it is no longer on the map, they are stuck.

– People have to spend money just to make their way around because of these bad conditions that you can’t even walk in them anymore. They will complain about all kinds of things – and we’ll get back a complaints form six months from now saying things like; want better roads.

When we have plenty [of rainwater] and driving in third-world conditions gives you a wider perspective on the issue. They don’t say a word about how they got stuck, because it wasn’t their fault – well now they’ve gotten themselves into this position.

What To Pack For A National Parks Trip

I typically like to pack for a vacation on a national parks trip in two suitcases. First…

Pack Light – If you can’t tell already, packing light is generally easier on various systems than carrying around too many items when traveling with your family or friends.

It allows me to take more things while still making sure that what I do have gets in the suitcase. If I am going to be carting around kids rather than adults. I need something that can cram everything in safely and comfortably.

The First Rule Of Inefficiency – Always Pack Organized: The others are important principles of packing efficiently as well, but this one is pretty straightforward.

If you want everything organized when traveling with little ones, pack all of that stuff, floor up in the travel case.

We typically pack all of our clothes neatly folded and stuffed. So that we can fold things back over them once everything has been unpacked.

A good example of this concept would be rolling your socks in half one way and then tucking them into their respective shoes before you put anything else inside along with the rest of your clothing. More examples;

  • Food (including snacks) 
  • 3water + reusable bottle
  • Travel documents
  • Cash + debit/credit cards
  • Picnic tablecloth
  • Camera + batteries
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Phone + phone charger
  • Rain jacket
  • Insulated jacket
  • Comfortable shoes
  • First aid kit
  • Goal Zero Sherpa 15 Recharger
  • Reusable cutlery/utensils
  • Reusable plates/cups
  • Day bag/fanny pack
  • Patagonia P6 Trucker Hat
  • Primus Campfire Cutlery Set
  • Marmot PreCip Eco Jacket
  • Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket
  • Adventure Medical Sportsman Series Medical Kit
  • YETI Rambler 26oz Chug Water Bottle
  • Insulated jacket

How To Make Vacation in a National Park Reservations

JBA, US Army Specialist and Discount Backpacker discovered backpacking the hard way. After getting all the gear together he got drunk one night in a National Park.

He decided to get blackout for an entire week inside Bighorn Canyon Nat’l with only $5 of pocket change to bum water from hikers coming through a campground that was closed for hunting.

He proceeded to get lost inside the park, a free camp in a backcountry location. Drink almost all his bottled water but did not kill any porcupines.

The next day in town he discovered that black lights were still legal up until they become illegal again. it’s sure a fun story if ya has never done city life.


Thanks for reading our blog in this article. We outlined some of the most popular ways to vacation in a national park. State park within an hour of your hometown. You will be able to identify which national park or state park is best for you and your family. We hope you enjoyed it.

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