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Home Entertainment Bluey Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Crew and Speculation

Bluey Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Crew and Speculation

Bluey Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Crew and Speculation

Are you excited about the release of Bluey Season 3? If so, you’re not alone! We’ve got all the latest information and news about the show right here, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media for updates and announcements.

About The Bluey Season 3 Trailer

The trailer shows Joe (Anton Brothers), Jake (Amir Welbourn), and Mitch Hansen competing in a secret competition. They are going to race at the Bluey Track, but before anyone arrives, someone is waiting for them with an unpleasant surprise: now according to Maggie’s orders, they have to lose fast. She lays out all their secrets to everybody – you can’t overdo it after all.

Bluey Season 3 Plot

The season opens with Josh struggling with balancing work, family and skateboarding aspirations. His wife Jessie encourages him to quit his job and focus on skating full-time, but Owen wants Josh to stay in the corporate world and provide a better future for AJ. When Rahim Dhawan comes to town with a sponsorship offer, Josh is forced to make a difficult decision that could change his family’s life forever.

The season will be dedicated to a different aspect of the rollerblading world.As well as Bluey gets involved in competitions and special appearances throughout the country. It was an idea that developed over time, based on our fans’ wishes.

The Bluey Track – The Blue Jumps Competition lasted many years in Australia, but it wasn’t until now that they organized “anxiously” this major event at Melbourne’s Albert Park with 20 competitors flying off their boards

Bluey Season 3Cast

Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, Jack, Rusty, Lucky, Indy, Mackenzie, Honey, Cocoa, Chloe, Missy, Missy, Socks, Jean, Lucy, Judo, The Terriers, Bandit, Bingo, Chilli, Chloe, Sister Bingo, Robert, Irwin, Brumm, Emmy


Writer – Rhiannon Pitts

Principal Producer – Amanda Casey

Producer – Wayne Blair

Director – Michael Bartlett

Line Producer – Tania Atkinson

Executive Producers – Damon Thomas, Andrew Macdonald.

Bluey Season 3 Writer Rhiannon Pitts Claims ABC Cancelled the Show to Save Money Rhiannon Pitts, the writer of Bluey Season 3 has claimed that ABC cancelled the show to save money. However, she also added that without fan outcry and a concerted social media campaign by die-hard fans, it is very likely the series would have been cancelled outright.

Bluey Season 3 Release Date

The Australian TV show Bluey is about a family. Its third season has already aired in its country of origin. The show premiered on September 5, 2021, with a father’s day special. The remaining episodes of season 3 from the first half of the season were released on November 22, 2021. The series has been on a mid-season break ever since. In Australia, Season 3 is expected to premiere in the near future.

When and where to watch Bluey Season 3?

Either via the official Bluey YouTube channel or via ABC iView (Australia’s free catch-up TV service), on pay-TV channels. Netflix tried to stream Ȋfter Season 2 ended, but it was discontinued later in order for them not to dip into their limited budgets too much and thus lowering every other show that required generous financing.

What Will Happen in Bluey Season 3

Bluey Season 3 will focus on the father-son relationship and how it changes over time. Mitch Hansen will play the role of Josh, a husband and dad who is trying to juggle work, family life and his aspirations in skateboarding. Joe Carless will portray his son Owen, who is a high school student and aspiring skateboarder. Lisa Foxen portrays their wife Jessie; she’s an occupational therapist but also helps run the household and develops a close relationship with Owen.

Robbie Nordalstind will play their son AJ, an eighth-grader who is trying to figure out his place in the world. Ashton Amwerfa will portray Josh’s best friend Rahim Dhawan, a world skateboarding champion known for his innovative street skating style.The season finale of Bluey aired back in March and was met with low ratings which resulted in its cancellation despite having a full budget allotted to it.

Bluey was one of the few programs on ABC to be cancelled in 2017. The show followed Joe Carless (Joe) and his son Owen (Owen), who were high schoolers and aspiring skateboarders. Their wife Jessie was an occupational therapist and also helped run the household. Their son AJ (AJ) was an eighth-grader trying to figure out his place in the world. Josh’s best friend Rahim Dhawan.

Character Evolution of Bluey Season 3

“Bluey”, the star of television’s “Blue Oster” series, takes you into an Australian surf town where he re-introduces great moments in surfing history and lets us take a glimpse of some unique characters that can be found all around. The following list contains characters who appeared or will appear in Bluey Season 3. “Bluey (Melbourne)” Gallery – Wiki Hub blog.

Who is Bluey Season 3 Villain?

There is no confirmed villain for the third season of Bluey. However, there are several potential candidates including a local businessman who wants to redevelop the beach and build hotels on it. Another possibility is that a rival skateboard company will try to take down Joe and Owen.

Fan Theories 

The Australian surf town of Melbourne is the backdrop for Bluey Season 3, according to writer Rhiannon Pitts. The season concludes with a showdown between Carless and his nemesis, big-wave surfer Gary Elsey (played by Shane Jacobson). Joe’s son AJ becomes embroiled in the rivalry and must choose aside. Neither man can survive without the other – but which one will wind up on top? Pitts has also teased an all-new character who will enter the picture “at a pivotal moment.

” Bluey Season 3 is set to air on ABC in March 2020. Bluey was originally created for the Australian television series but was cancelled after one season following low ratings. The show followed Joe Carless and his son Owen as they pursued their dreams of becoming professional skateboarders. Wife Jessie helped run the household and their son AJ struggled with growing up.

Plot Discussion About Bluey Season 2

Bluey is an Australian animated series about a blue-coloured dog and her family. The show is produced by the Australian production company, Ludo Studio, and premiered on October 28, 2018, on ABC Kids. The show has been met with critical acclaim winning the AACTA Award for Best Children’s Television Series at the 7th AACTA Awards.

The series follows the everyday life of a working-class family and their interactions with each other. Bluey is the titular character and the youngest member of the family. Therefore Her parents are Bandit and Boss, her brother is Bingo and her sister.


This article provides all the information you need to know about Bluey Season 3. It includes the release date, the plot, and the cast. Stay up-to-date on all things Bluey by bookmarking this page.


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