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Is Bruno Mars Dating American Model Jessica Caban in 2022?

Rumors are swirling that Is Bruno Mars Dating American Model Jessica Caban may be dating in 2022. How do we know? Because the two of them have been spotted together multiple times and Jessica Caban has even publicly supported Bruno Mars’ music career. So is this love story actually happening? We can’t say for sure, but we’ve compiled a list of all the evidence we can find to help you decide for yourself.

How did Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars Meet

That’s the question that has been on everyone’s mind since the two superstars were spotted at the same concert back in 2011. The answer is a little convoluted, but it all goes back to Cabanas’s song “The Voice Within.”

Caban and Mars were both featured on the track, and their appearances at the same show led to a friendship that blossomed into something much more. Caban has since released two albums with Mars co-writing and co-singing on both.

The two continue to work together and have recently collaborated on the song. That’s What I Like. So, if you’re ever wondering how two music icons met, the answer is pretty simple – They met on The Voice Within.

About The Relationship

As of now, there is no confirmation on whether or not Bruno Mars and Cardi B are dating. However, the rumors are circulating fast and furious, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this summer was all about the love life of Bruno Mars.

If the rumors are to be believed, this could be a very special relationship for both parties. However, at the moment there has been no confirmation from either party as to whether or not they are romantically involved. So until something definitive happens, we suggest keeping an eye out for any new updates on this story in the coming months.

Jessica Caban Has Supported Bruno Marss Career

Jessica Caban, the stylist to the stars and all-around stylish lady, has been a huge supporter of Bruno Mars since the beginning. She has styled for his music videos and helped promote his albums.

Jess also styled for several performances, including his show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas this past weekend. Sicca is a great friend and an amazing musician herself, so it’s no wonder she’s been so supportive of Bruno’s career.

Why Geena Davis’s Divorce From Her Most Recent Spouse Was Downright Crue

There are rumors that Bruno Mars and Geena Davis are dating in 2022, but even if their relationship didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean they’re dating in 2022.

The two were an unlikely couple, to say the least, and their divorce was so cruel that it has left many people wondering why it happened at all. According to a Page Six report, Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy’s divorce was very unfavorable to him because he agreed to settle just to put this.

Relationship Statistics of Jessica Caban

It’s unclear if Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban are still dating, but we’ll just have to wait and see. That being said, they often share romantic photos together on social media, and it seems to be going well. Jessica is currently pregnant with their first child, and it’s definitely something they are excited about.

The First Time She Heard Bruno Mars’ Music, She Was a Fan

When first hearing Bruno Mars’ music, any listener would be hooked. He has a unique sound that is both catchy and inspirational. His music has the ability to make anyone feel happy, which is why so many people love it.

Whether you’re a first-time listener or a long-time fan, be sure to check out his latest album. It’s packed with hits that will have you feeling the love.

Who’s Jessica Caban

Jessica Caban is an American fashion model and actress. In 2008, she was a contestant on the reality television series Model Latina, where she was crowned the first-ever Model Latina champion.

Jessica Caban And Bruno Mars Wedding

Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars tied the knot on Saturday, September 16 at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pa. The wedding was a glittering affair with a star-studded guest list that included fellow music stars Kim Petras and Destinys Child.

Caban, who first met Mars in 2009 when she was working as a backup dancer for his Locked Out of Heaven world tour, walked down the aisle wearing a breathtaking Vera Wang gown and diamond earrings. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Scott Ellis and guest performer Kim Petras sang.

The First Time during the reception following an eclectic performance by Destinys Child that included hits like Independent Women. The happy couple danced the night away to their favorite music, including Bruno Mars’s new single.

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban’s First Date

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban have been dating for over a decade and have been married for two years. The lovebirds welcomed their first child, Zohan, in 2017. They continue to tour together and are scheduled to play a concert next week in Houston, TX.

Jessica is also an author and has released two books of essays – Selfishness for Beautiful People. A Field Guide to Lies We Tell Ourselves (2014) and Uncomplicated Kindness (2018). Here’s a little bit about their love story in 2012, the couple went on their first date.

They met at a restaurant and started dating soon after. It was love at first sight for the pair. Bruno Mars is known for his hit songs like Marry You and When I Was Your Man but it’s Jessica’s essays that have really drawn the spotlight. Her book, Uncomplicated Kindness, chronicled her life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bruno Mars Dating American Model Jessica Caban in 2022?

Yes, Bruno Mars has been dating Jessica Caban, an actress, model, and entrepreneur, since 2011. They have been together for a decade and are still going strong.

Which Bruno Mars Songs Are About Jessica Caban?

Jessica Caban is a model and actress who has been dating Bruno Mars for a while now. It’s natural to wonder which Bruno Mars songs are about her. There are a few hints in the lyrics that suggest this might be the case. Regardless of their relationship status, these songs are still great tunes.

If you want to find out for sure, be sure to listen closely for clues in the songs! Bruno Mars has made several songs about Jessica Caban. In 2013, Mars revealed to Rolling Stone that his radio hit.”When I Was Your Man” was inspired by his relationship with Caban when he was worried he was losing her.

Are They Still Dating?

Meanwhile, an insider has revealed that Shaina recently got engaged to contractor Chris Lardakis. Shaina and Christos have been dating for some time now, and they are both very happy with this new development in their relationship.

Is Bruno Mars Still Married?

Bruno Mars is not married but is in a relationship with Jessica Caban. Jessica Caban is an American fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur. She was born on June 13, 1982, to Puerto Rican parents in New York City, and raised in Spanish Harlem. Caban stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) tall.

When Did Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Start Dating?

The couple has been together since 2011 and is notoriously private about their love life. Jessica reportedly moved from NYC to LA to live with Bruno after a year of dating. Bruno previously revealed that his song, “When I Was Your Man,” is about Jessica.

What is Bruno Mars Relationship Status?

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban have been together for over a decade and remain committed to each other. They both prefer to keep their relationship private and out of the press and public eye so they can focus on their professional careers within the entertainment industry.


There’s no denying that Is Bruno Mars Dating American Model Jessica Caban is an adorable couple. Since their alleged relationship began making headlines in late 2021, social media has been flooded with speculation about whether or not the pair are actually dating.

We’re hopeful that this article was helpful in shedding some light on the matter and helping you make an informed decision about whether or not you believe in the rumors. If you have any other questions about this topic, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.



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