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Rescuing the Dream of Drawing

Hello .. how are you today? all very well? Hope so! Well, today I want to talk to you here about something very important that I have been realizing over the years. That is Rescuing the Dream of Drawing.

It is the number of works of art in general that no longer have space in our daily lives. more and more people have given little value to this artistic issue. Above all in which they refer to manual works such as making jewelry, bows, and tiaras, and some other works of art.

Rescuing the Dream of Drawing


Dream of Drawing

Of course, some of them still exist. But they exist for professional purposes and that is not what I came to talk about today. I want to address something about the people of my time who took art as a form of leisure and not just mere professionalism of the time.

In modern times, we can see that this has been increasingly neglected. Perhaps because today, digital inclusion is distracting people to another reality, in which these things are left out.

But I still like to keep these old values ​​and I will talk a little about a certain Dream of drawing course that I recently acquired and that has helped me a lot to have a hobby in my routine. And I’m sure a lot of people here on this blog will really like being able to have something to take their minds to another level if possible as well.

But before talking about this training, I will talk here a little bit about what led me to it.


Where it all began

In childhood, I watched a lot of cartoons. Those like woodpeckers, scooby doo, gentlemen of the zodiac among others. And like any child, all I wanted most was to be able to take a paper and a pencil and be able to reproduce all those drawings that I saw in front of me.

I tried, I even did some cool ones. But most were a real disaster. It was then that I started buying magazines at newsstands to give me some tips on how I could evolve my designs. But I had very little result.

If you lived in the 90s, you may remember that, despite being considered the best stage of life for many people. Everything was very difficult.

There was no internet and to learn anything I needed to pay for a course or even have the patience to research books in local libraries. The thing the new generation will never know what it is. For that reason too. I ended up having an unsatisfactory result.


Thanking the Internet Age

One of the most important things of the 21st century was the ease that people today have to access the internet connection. this greatly facilitated the possibility of being able to aggregate any type of information in just a few minutes.

So, I decided to search this universe for an online drawing course that could meet my childhood dream of drawing. It was then that I went to google and typed in their Online drawing course. It was then that I ended up with the fan art method. That it is the course of Mayara Rodrigues that addresses the learning of drawings in the style of manga and anime.

It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I realized that it could serve me a lot at that moment. Because I identified a lot with the proposal of her training.

After a few months, I was able to learn without leaving home, to make incredible drawings that would never have been possible in my time with such convenience.

And I’m here today to show you that the internet doesn’t have to be just a field of social networking and futility. That you can use it for a greater good like knowledge or even satisfy a childhood dream!

I hope you like the content a lot and reflect a lot about it.

See you later!



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