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Choosing the Right Backpack for Beginners

Choosing the Right Backpack for  Beginners

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature and break the monotony that life brings us all and choosing the right backpack for beginners is essential. However, if you are a beginner, here are a few things you should know. You should pack everything you need, but pack light. Remember, everything you take must be carried on your back.

Only pack what you need, not what you want. This is where a camping gear list for backpacking will come in handy. The purpose of this article is to advise on choosing the right backpack for your journey.

Choose right backpack

First of all, if you are on a budget, the best time to start looking for a backpack and other camping equipment on your camping gear list is late Fall to early Spring. You will find the best deals around that time of year. The backpack you choose must be of great quality and have sufficient space to carry all you will need on the trip. Also, lighter is better.

If you are planning a day hike where you are going to camp at the end and hike back the next day, a good day pack is all you need. If you are going to hike on a longer trip, you will need a multi day pack.

When you are choosing your backpack, do not go strictly on the looks and specs. Every person is different and a pack that is extremely comfortable for one person might not be comfortable for another. Try the pack on in the store. Put something in it that is equivalent to the weight of what you will be packing. This will tell you if the backpack will be comfortable for you when fully packed.

Zippers are the most overlooked items on a backpack. However, they are very important. Zippers should be waterproof. Those that have big teeth have more durability and strength than regular zippers with smaller teeth.

A good backpack should also have a waist strap. This allows the backpack to move with your body when you walk. This is very important for comfort. It should also be made of a lightweight, water-resistant material such as ripstop nylon.

In conclusion, the backpack you choose must not only be lightweight, it must be comfortable for you. Buying a backpack is like buying a pair of shoes.

You must try it on before you buy it. A backpack could have the best comfort specs, but what might be comfortable for someone else may not be comfortable for you.

A comfortable backpack is the most essential item on your backpacking camping gear list. Choosing the right backpack is a worthwhile process. Your life may also depend on it.


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