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How Much Does Apple Music pay per Stream

Are you curious about how much does apple music pay per stream. Well, we have the answer for you. According to a recent study, Apple Music pays out around $0.006 per stream on average. This means that Apple is making a substantial amount of money from its subscription service – and it’s not the only one! Most streaming services pay out around this amount, with Spotify being the most generous, paying out around $0.007 per stream.

How Much Does Apple Music pay per Stream

How Much Does Apple Music Pay Per Stream

Platform Per Stream Spotify $0.007 Apple Music $0.006 So why is Apple Music so generous? It likely has something to do with the company’s vast wealth – and its willingness to spend it on expensive marketing campaigns.

Streaming services have been struggling financially in recent years, so it makes sense for companies like Spotify and Apple Music to be more generous with their payments in order to keep users hooked on their platforms.

Streaming Platform

But Apple isn’t the only one using its music libraries to pay dividends. Many other top companies – including Nike, Coca-Cola, and Oracle – use their sounds to generate revenue.

While this value might not be as obvious for you the consumer, it can be extremely lucrative for companies that are making a substantial amount of money from data alone.

Music Industry

One of the largest companies in the world, Apple has its entity known as Universal Music Group. The company is made up of over 4 artists – including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Ariana Grande – who work with a team to ensure that all their music is licensed out at a fair price.

Apple Music pays labels %17%50%37%. Appreciation from this model provides manufacturers with more money for further investment. Categories: Music Licensing and Distribution.

Apple Music Insights-Royalties

In a world where streaming services are constantly on the rise, it’s no surprise that Apple Music is one of the most popular options out there.

The service pays out a hefty $0.006 per stream on average, which means that the company is raking in quite the cash – especially considering how much people are shelling out for subscriptions. Other top streaming services offer similar rates, with Spotify paying out around $0.007 per stream.

So how do the profits from data and streaming services add up? In general, it’s thanks to the high appreciation rates that companies can generate for their music – especially when compared to traditional licensing models.

For example, Apple Music pays out around 50% on average for songs licensed through its platform, which means that labels receive a substantial chunk of change even after expenses like artist commissions have been taken into account.

Music is valuable to us and we believe creators should be paid fairly. We have helped millions of artists and songwriters earn a living from music since we launched the iTunes Store in 2003.

We believe it is important to share our values as the conversation about streaming royalties continues. Plays have value, and creators shouldn’t be forced to pay for features. All creators should be paid at the same rate.

To All Labels, We Pay a Headline Rate of 52%

Other services pay some independent labels a significantly lower rate than major labels, but we pay the same rate to all labels. Artists can distribute music however they choose knowing Apple Music will pay the same. Sign up with a label or remain independent – we value the value of all music equally.

For All Compositions, We Pay the Same Headline Rate

We wouldn’t have recordings without songwriters. For this reason, we have paid all publishers and licensors the same headline rate within each country. That’s why we’ve invested millions in optimizing publishing operations to make sure songwriters are paid quickly.

The Average Per-Play Rate is $0.01

Royalties are calculated based on a stream share, but plays still have a value. This value varies by subscription plan and country but was averaged at $0.01 for Apple Music individual paid plans in 2020. This includes label and publisher royalties.

We Do Not Offer a Lower Royalty Rate in Exchange for Featuring

Apple Music’s global tastemakers curate 30,000 editorial playlists. Our tastemakers choose music based on merit, and we do not ask anyone to accept a lower royalty rate in exchange for featuring their music. Apple Music’s algorithmic recommendations and personalized playlists follow the same logic.

As a result of our commitment to these values, Apple Music paid royalties to more than 5 million recording artists worldwide in 2020, over 1 million more than in 2019.

There has been an increase of over 120% in the number of recording artists whose catalogs generate recording and publishing royalties of over $1 million per year since 2017, while the number of recording artists whose catalogs generate over $50,000 per year has doubled.

We have also looked at alternative royalty models. Upon analysis, we found that they would result in a limited redistribution of royalties. Per-play rates would cease to be the same for every song played.

In addition, the changes would not increase how much all creators earn from streaming. The changes would instead shift royalties toward a few labels and provide less transparency to creators everywhere.

Apple Music strives to find new and innovative ways for all creators to make a living from music while focusing on artists and songwriters.

With Apple Music, music fans worldwide can enjoy an uninterrupted ad-free experience while knowing that their data is kept private and only used to enhance their overall music experience.

Global Tastemakers Hand-Curate

AppleMusic does not pay royalties for playlists that include artists or songs curated by tastemakers. Tastemakers hand- curate 30,000 editorial playlists on Apple Music. These playlists are not impacted by royalties.

Value of Music

We believe that music should be accessible to everyone and we strive to provide an uninterrupted ad-free experience. Our commitment to paying royalties is based on the value of music. The more songs are streamed, the more revenue creators receive. We will continue working with our partners and musicians to find new and innovative ways for all creators to make a living from music while focusing on artists and songwriters.

Apple Music Team

Apple Music has over 1,000 employees in 19 countries around the world. We value our team’s diverse backgrounds and Perspectives. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Subscription Revenue

Our subscription revenue varies based on the country and album genre. For example, in the United States, we generate over $10 per subscriber per month.


When it comes to streaming music, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. What works for one person might not be the best option for another. That’s why it’s important to explore all your options and find out what pays you the best. In this blog, we discussed how much does apple music pay per stream. Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Share them in the comments below.

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