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Happy Independence Day Brazil Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Greetings

happy Brazil’s independence day Greetings, wishes, messages, and quotes. The Most Important Day in Brazil is September 7. Brazilian gained independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. Currently, September 7 is observed as a national holiday, and large cities host public festivities to celebrate the occasion.

Wishes, messages, greetings, and quotes for the 16th of September. Therefore, Brazil declared September 7th as Independence Day, severing its ties to Portugal and solidifying its status as a sovereign nation.

Brazil Independence Day Messages

Please accept my best wishes for Brazil’s Independence Day. May you enjoy a joyous celebration of this auspicious day.

Our nation’s citizens are its past, present, and future. Our turn has come after our ancestors’ admirable work.

I’m grateful that I was born in a free Brazil. This is a result of the great liberation warriors’ sacrifices. Happy Brazil’s Independence Day!

Today is a day to be proud to be a citizen of this magnificent country. May we all be guided by this spirit of freedom to success and glory in life.

In order to make this Brazil Independence Day one to remember, let’s tint this globe with the hues of nationalism and independence.

Warmest regards on the occasion of Brazil’s independence. Let’s join forces to make our country progressive and inspiring.

“I’m giving you my best wishes on this Independence Day in Brazil.” May you have a joyous celebration of this special day.

Independence Day Brazil Messages & Greetings

“Today is a day to honor all those who gave their lives while defending the country. Happy Independence Day, Brazil!

“As we commemorate Brazil’s Independence Day, let’s share in a particular celebration of the feeling of freedom. Let’s enjoy a day of festivities.

“Let’s color this globe with the hues of freedom and patriotism to make this Brazil Independence Day one to remember. Warmest regards on this beautiful day!

A nice time to reflect on who we are and how we got here is on Independence Day. HAPPY BRAZILIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!

The entire nation is colored green and white. I wish you all a happy Brazil’s Independence Day and much love, peace, and tranquillity.

While some may have forgotten, I can never. May my nation’s tricolors soar far higher! Happy Fourth of July!

A priceless gift from God is freedom. May we always be on our own. A very happy Fourth of July to you.

What could be better than waking up in a free and independent nation? Brazil sparkles in the sunshine like a brilliant diamond! Happy Independence Day!

Never let our nation’s dignity, for which many gave their life, sink.

Happy Independence Day of Brazil Wishes

”Let’s honor those who gave their lives today to preserve our freedom; they are deserving of praise. Independence Day in Brazil.”

”Happy Independence Day to all the patriots who have worked and are working tirelessly to preserve this nation and its freedom. Independence Day in Brazil.”

“God bless our country, our military, our president, and the Brazilian spirit that resides in every one of us.”

“The entire nation is decorated in green and white. Happy Independence Day to Brazil. Greetings of love, harmony, and peace to you.”

“Always keep in mind every life lost and every sacrifice made to secure our freedom. Congratulations on Brazil’s Independence Day.

“Freedom is everyone’s inalienable right, and we are incredibly fortunate to have been born in a free and independent country… Happy Independence Day, Brazil!

“Don’t take our freedom for granted; we paid a very high price for it. Respect it and treat it with care at all times. Happy Brazil Independence Day, everyone!”

“If you truly value independence, you will always act in a way that will prevent you from losing it. Happy Independence Day, Brazil!

“Let’s commemorate Brazil’s Independence Day by doing everything we can to improve our country.” Warm regards on

Brazil Independence Day Quotes

“Long live the independence and separation of Brazil. By my blood, by my honor, by my God, I swear to promote the freedom of Brazil. Independence or death!”. (D. Pedro I on September 7, 1822, on the banks of the Ipiranga stream)

“On September 7, 1822, we became politically independent from Portugal, but we remain economically dependent on another European nation: England”. (Jefferson M. Ramos)

“September 7th is a special date for the Brazilian people, the day we get rid of dependence on a foreign country”. (Marcia L. Barbosa)

“We broke the chains that held and hurt us so much. With independence, on the 7th of September, Brazil was free”. (Carlos RP Santos, reader of the Sua Pesquisa website)

“A nation becomes independent in true sense when all its citizens have a secure and happy life.”

“There is a lot of blood, sacrifice, sweat, and hard work that goes into making a nation an independent one.”

“We are blessed to open our eyes in the country which was independent but we must never forget the sacrifices that were made by those who brought us independence.”

“The past, present, and future of a nation depend upon its citizens…. Our ancestors have done a great job and now it is our turn to do our best.”

“The colors of patriotism and love for the nation are above everything and independence is most valuable.”

Final Word

Here’s to celebrating our independence every day with love! Wishing all of our Brazilian friends a very happy and safe Independence Day! From all of us here at the blog, we hope that this day will be one that you’ll never forget! As we celebrate, please be sure to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to send some love our way by sharing some of your favorite messages, greetings, and quotes about independence! We hope you have a wonderful day.


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