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Karnataka Rajyotsava Day – November 1, 2023

Karnataka Rajyotsava Day is a public holiday in Karnataka celebrated on November 1. The day marks the formation of the state of Karnataka after it was split from Mysore State and Hyderabad-Karnataka by the Indian Government of India. It commemorates all those who sacrificed their lives for this new state to be formed. On this day, people across Karnataka celebrate with cultural programs and dharma chalas (religious observances) followed by a one-minute silence at 11:00 am to mark this important event in their history.

When is Karnataka Rajyotsava Day?

The people of Karnataka celebrate On November 1 of every year, the Karnataka Rajyotsava or Kannada Rajyotsava or Kannada Day is celebrated. It is also known as Karnataka Formation Day or Karnataka Day.

How To Kannada Rajyotsava celebrated?

Rajyotsava Day is a colorful celebration in which the state flag’s red and yellow colors are shown across Karnataka.

The state’s most meaningful events are held at the Krantiveera stadium in Bengaluru, where the state Chief Minister raises the state flag and delivers a speech. The governor of the state will also give a speech to the crowd. In addition, the Karnataka government provides the Rajyotsava with awards, regarded as the state’s second-highest civilian award. Today, Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate’s Kannada anthem is played.

As a result, all Kannadigas, whether Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, will rejoice on this day.
Bengaluru (Bangalore) is the capital of Karnataka and is home to many large multinational corporations. Workers might be required to take advantage of their employers’ international holidays if they work in Bangalore today. Wow, with your newfound expertise on their state by asking if they’re wearing red and yellow!

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Kannada Rajyotsava History

On May 1, 1956, the Republic of Karnataka was formed when South India’s Kannada-speaking areas were combined. That day, Rajyotsava (meaning “state festival”) is celebrated to commemorate when the state of Karnataka was founded in 1956 by merging all Kannada-speaking regions in Southern India.

Because India became a republic in 1950, several regions were divided based on the languages spoken in those areas. November 1, 1956, was when several of these joined to form the present-day state of Mysore, which is derived from an older region that formed part of the new state. Several northern areas of the state disliked the name “Karnataka,” thus, on November 1, 1973, it was renamed Karnataka.


Every nation has its own customs.

The world is a magnificent and wonderful place, and we are grateful to share it with our readers. We feel blessed to be able to do so! Karnataka is a treasure trove of literature, music, cuisine, and history in South India.

Unity, love, and brotherhood

Unity, peace, and strength are at the heart of Karnataka’s creation. The day stands for the notion of togetherness, regardless of religion or ethnicity. One of our favorite holidays is coming up!

Celebration of difference

It’s always exciting to go all out and rejoice on occasions. Karnataka Rajyotsava Day is infectiously lovely, and the eagerness with which Kannadigas embrace their distinctiveness is enough to pique anyone’s interest.


The greatest literature prizes

Karnataka has eight Jnanapith Awardees in literature, second to no other state except Maharashtra with ten.

There are many languages and dialects.

The primary language of Karnataka is Kannada, although the people of the state speak a variety of languages, including Kodava, Havyaka, Konkani, and Tulu.

The origin of its name

The name Karnataka is derived from the Sanskrit words Karu, Nadu (meaning “region, country”), and Koti, which means “land.” Thus, Karu-Nadu was a kingdom in ancient India.

Why is the Karnataka Rajyotsava observed?

The unification of all South Indian Kannada-speaking regions to form the state of Karnataka in 1956 was marked on November 1, which is celebrated every year.

Is it possible to have this holiday in another state?

Yes! Whether you’re in India or any other nation, you can always join in the holiday spirit and show your support for Kannadigas. If your employer doesn’t allow you off, as it is a government holiday just in Karnataka, don’t expect him to let you go.

Dates of Karnataka Rajyotsava Day

2021MondayNovember 1
2022TuesdayNovember 1
2023WednesdayNovember 1
2024FridayNovember 1

Final Words:

Karnataka Rajyotsava Day is celebrated on November 1 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Mysore kingdom by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar III. In addition, the day marks the coronation ceremony, which was held in 1881 at Mysore Palace. What are your thoughts about this celebration? Would you like to share them with us below?


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