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National Author’s Day: History, Wishes and How to Celebrate?

National Author’s Day is a day to celebrate all of the fantastic writers who have impacted our world. On November 1, honor National Author’s Day by snuggling up with your favorite book, a nice cup of tea, and letting yourself be carried away to another place. To appreciate the writers that inspire us, it’s vital to grasp a sense of the time, sweat, tears, and blood that went into getting words on the page. November 1 is National Author’s Day, so take a moment to appreciate the authors who have spent countless hours writing your favorite novels.

In this blog post, we will talk about the history of National Author’s Day, how to celebrate it, and some fun facts that may surprise you!

When is National Author’s Day?

On November 1 each year, millions of people around the world commemorate writers and the works they create as National Author’s Day.

How to Celebrate National Author’s Day?

Here are a few fun things you can do to celebrate your favorite authors or spice up your writing.

Encourage a fellow writer.

This is the one I rank highest since I believe it is the most essential. We writers need each other to succeed! And we’re stronger together than we are alone.

Reach out to one or more of your author acquaintances and connections, offer them a helping hand. Send them a note or email to help them get motivated some comic author-related short films or jokes, or even a review on one of their books. Not only will it brighten their day, but it will make you feel good too.

Purchase a new book by one of your favorite writers.

There are several options for obtaining a book. You can get it from a friend, bring it on loan from the library, or buy it at a bargain price at a used bookstore.

Unfortunately, none of these three choices provides the writer with any money; as most of you know, writers frequently struggle to earn money from their efforts. Use this day as an excuse to purchase a new copy of an author’s book if you can afford it. The author will get only a little piece of it, but that’s better than nothing at all.

Share a favorite book with a friend.

When you promote a book, you are doing the author a favor. The other person may choose another book from the same author if they like it, and voila! You’ve brought about a new fan. Better yet, as a present, buy a new book for someone else.

Please feel free to share your latest helpful hint with others.

By sharing what works, writers may assist other authors. For example, if you tried a new marketing approach and got positive results, tell it to your author pals. Likewise, if you’ve discovered a new productivity tool that saves you time, tell your writing pals about it.

Take a course that had a significant influence on your writing life? Share the information! We’re all seeking new ideas to help us grow our author businesses.

Read a book with your family or partner.

Reading a book together might be a fun bonding activity, whether it’s just the two of you or you and the children. So choose one that you all like and spend some time reading it aloud each night.
Take turns reading, with everyone getting a chance to do so. Then, for added enjoyment, end each reading session by discussing what occurred and what everyone thinks about it.

On Facebook or Instagram, share a book.

Have you just finished reading a book that you liked? Shout about it on Facebook and Twitter. Create a post with the book cover as the photo, along with the title and a few comments about what you thought. Then, send it out via tagging the author and publishing it. You’ll be providing the author a pleasant surprise while allowing your followers to discover a fantastic tale.


Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, president of the Bement, Illinois Women’s Club, proposed in 1928 establishing a day to honor American writers. Ms. McPherson was an educator who read voraciously throughout her life. She was recuperating in the hospital during World War I, and she wrote Irving Bacheller, a fiction author, a fan letter. She then informed him that she loved reading his narrative Eben Holden’s Last Day A’ Fishin.

Bacheller responded to her with a signed copy of another tale after receiving his letter. After that, McPherson realized she would never be able to repay him adequately for his generosity. So she decided to express her gratitude by submitting a proposal for National Authors’ Day to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. As a result, the club supported a resolution in May of 1929 to celebrate National Author’s Day, intended to commemorate American writers. This day was designated by the United States Department of Commerce in 1949.

National Author’s Day Quotes, Messages, Wishes & Greetings

“Without writers, there would have been no books to read. So, wishing a very Happy National Author’s Day.”

“It’s enjoyable to read because not only does it teach you, but it also expands your horizons. Warmest wishes for the occasion of National Author’s Day.”

“You will never be lonely with a book to read, and we’d like to thank the writers for all of these wonderful novels. So, again, wishing a very Happy National Author’s Day.”

“We all enjoy reading books by various authors, but we seldom thank them. National Author’s Day reminds us to do that. So thank you, and good wishes on this special day to all the writers.”

“We tend to forget to show our thanks for authors who give us so many wonderful novels to read.. We wish them all the best on National Author’s Day.”

Dates of National Author’s Day

DayDate Year
MondayNovember 12021
TuesdayNovember 12022
WednesdayNovember 12023
FridayNovember 12024


National Author’s Day is a time to celebrate the written word and all those who have contributed over the years. It can be challenging to choose from among so many great authors, but we’ve narrowed it down for you with our list of top five favorites. Share your thoughts in the comments below or on social media using #NationalAuthorsDay. Which author inspires you most? Who are some other favorite writers that deserve recognition today?

November 1 Others National Day:

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