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The Making of a Good Camping Guide for Beginners & First-timers

Many people use a camping guide to find campgrounds and national parks in the area they are going to visit. They also use a camping guide to get directions and find out other information about the campgrounds or parks in the area. However, by doing this, they are missing some very important aspects of camping that may even save their lives.  A camping guide is an essential part of your camping gear list.  Even though a camping guide is not the gear, it does have vital information on other things you need.  Therefore, it acts as a sort of appendix to your list.  In this article, we are going to go over what makes a good camping guide.

A good camping guide should not only give you choices of where to go camping and how to get there, but it should also give you tips on how to survive for a few days if you stray away from the campground and get lost. Waiting for someone to rescue you could take days (sometimes longer). This information could save your life, so it is important that you read the guide in its entirety before going on your trip so you know what to bring.


You need to have a well equipped first aid kit.  This is, without question, the most important item on your camping gear list.  Be sure to check everything in your first aid kit and replenish anything that is either missing or getting low.   A good guide will tell you what you need for and how to tend to certain injuries that you may get on your hike. This is temporary treatment until you get real medical attention.

A good camping guide should have information on how to build an emergency shelter in case there is not a natural shelter around. A lean-to is the most common shelter used in survival. You can build one out of tree branches.

There should also be information on the local small game including the tracks they make, how to catch them, how to store the meat so it doesn’t spoil, and how to cook it. Information on local plant life is also important. A good camping guide will tell you which plants are good to eat and which are poisonous.


But not least, there should be a section on how to purify water to keep you hydrated until you are rescued.

In conclusion, information on basic survival skills in addition to where to go and how to get there is what makes a good camping guide. Be sure to have a good one with complete information on your camping gear list.

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